Ten Lives Club, Cat Rescue and Adoption Agency is a registered 501(c)(3) and is committed in providing shelter to abused, stray, and surrendered family pets that would otherwise have no place to go or be euthanized. Our mission statement reads, “to promote, further and enhance all cat life.” Ten Lives Club helps friendly and adoptable cats move on to that new life by finding them forever homes. We cannot take on feral (wild) cats but can assist with referrals and provide help to those willing to keep such a cat on their property or become the caretaker of a colony of cats in the community. 
Our shelter is a 3500 square foot facility located in the southern portion of Erie County where we can service all of Erie and surrounding Counties.  We are the second largest animal rescue agency after our local SPCA. We have a small paid staff of ten employees to man our shelter seven days a week. We are like a hospital and can never close at any time. We have some one-hundred cats in our facility whether in our infirmary, vet office, or our many adoption rooms. We also have many loyal volunteers that assist in the cleaning of our shelter or clean cages and assist with adoptions at eleven off site adoption locations. Our organization is a member of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce and works closely with helping the Erie County SPCA, Niagara County SPCA, and the City of Buffalo Animal Shelter.

Over the course of our existence we have assisted in saving the lives and helped over 30,000 felines whether through adoptions, trap/neuter/release (TNR), spay and neuter assistance, veterinary assistance, or placement into homes or barns. In 2016 our organization took in 1579 unwanted felines and found homes for 1577 cats and kittens. We also spayed/neutered 741 cats and kittens.
Ten Lives Club offers the following:

Adoptions – Adoptions into caring, permanent homes and will also provide assistance if necessary to keep them in a home.  

Senior Kitty program – A unique program that places an older cat (4 years+) with a senior in our community with the adoption fee waived. Ten Lives Club will assist any qualifying senior with any pet security deposits for apartments or rental housing as well as providing food, litter, and a litter pan for their start-up with the cat in their home.  

Feral Cat Colonies – Ten Lives Club offers assistance to property owners that are overwhelmed with feral (wild) cat colonies on their property that would lead to otherwise unwanted litters. Ten Lives Club ensures that any member of a feral cat colony that is assisted by us is spayed or neutered and vaccinated for rabies.

Community Service Ten Lives Club welcomes those needing community service to complete their volunteer requirements at our facility and residents of group homes that feel the need to volunteer. Boys and Girls Scout members also complete their badge requirements with our assistance. Most court appointed community service is welcome as well.

Ten Lives Club relies solely on donations and fundraising to keep us operational and let us continue to follow through with our mission. We would appreciate your support whether through adopting a cat from our program, becoming a foster home, volunteering with our organization, or making a monetary or any type of donation. 
Please check out our organization through our website: www.tenlivesclub.com or
Like Us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/tenlivesclub. By helping out Ten Lives Club, you help us SAVE THEM the cats that need our care!