Over the many years that Ten Lives Club has existed we constantly strive to recognize reasons why cats may be overlooked for adoption. We look for ways to provide “out of the box” ideas to make the shelter process more effective and better than ever. One of the problems that we’ve found is that sometimes older strays, FIV positive cats, personally owned pets that have not received proper care, and others that come into our program with exceptionally poor dental hygiene, broken teeth, gingivitis and other dental concerns that may cause a potential owner to overlook an otherwise wonderful cat. Dental care; albeit a very necessary procedure can be very costly both to our shelter and to a new owner.
   We came up with the idea that if some of our generous supporters could provide small donations into a “club” of sorts, this would allow us to provide some really necessary oral procedures that could make adopting a cat with an “orally challenged” mouth a little less frightening for a new home. Our shelter finds itself in a very stressful situation when funds are just able to cover the routine care of a cat and then poor “Fluffy” comes along with a painful aching tooth or worse. Although many of our affiliated Veterinarians provide us with a shelter discount, sometimes these procedures can cost up to $800 or more depending on the severity of the dental problem. When we multiply that amount over and over for the thousands of cats that enter our doors each year you can imagine how overwhelming a problem this can be.

   Here is the breakdown….if we had 25 people making a $20/mth donation to our dental club we could provide 1 cat each month a necessary thorough dental procedure. During months where we may find ourselves with a heavy duty, horrible mouth requiring a much more advanced procedure we have been blessed with a few amazing donors that help to fill the gap for the increased cost of those that require additional work. We’ve even been blessed with the occasional donor that provides a full sponsorship of a cat in need of dental care. For every dental procedure we can have covered with this fantastic dental club idea 5-10 additional cats can receive routine medical care in our facility. Nothing makes us more frustrated than to know much of our budgeted expenses for medical care has to be spent on an individual cat as opposed to assisting the greater masses of cats in need. This is one of the ways how you can help make our program run more efficiently in helping as many cats as possible.

   Won’t you please consider becoming a member of our dental club today? You can call in your one time or monthly donations to: Ellicott Small Animal Hospital @ 852-8276 or Community Pet Care Hospital at 821-0603. You can also mail a check made payable to:
Ellicott Small Animal Hospital
517 Ellicott Street 
Buffalo, NY 14201
Community Pet Care Hospital 
1395 Abbott Road
Lackawanna, NY 14218.
    Please be sure to indicate your donation is to be made to the Ten Lives Dental Club.  Both Dr Reed Stevens at Ellicott Small Animal and Dr Joseph Bruzgul at Community Pet care provide our cats with excellence in dental and medical care. We are blessed to have such an amazing team amongst our staff, our outside supportive Veterinary team, and our generous supporters to provide the best care for our cats in need.

   Thank you for your constant support of our “out of the box” ideas that allow us to be successful.