Have you saved a life lately?
Each year, thousands of cats (pregnant mothers, kittens with no mother, cats/kittens that need weeks of medication) enter shelter life and are not ready for adoption. Ten Lives Club needs help with caring for cats/kittens requiring regular medication administration (for two weeks possibly longer) and pregnant cats/small motherless babies (for about ten weeks) in foster care environment (your home). All that is needed is a little extra bit of time, care, & attention!

Can you open your home to a cat/kittens in need?
For those interested in providing in home foster care, Ten Lives Club will supply you with food, veterinary care and supplies, i.e. a cage (though it is preferred that the cat be accommodated in an extra room/area), litter pan, and litter scooper. We ask that you provide the litter (as it is limited in our program), a temporary home for cats in need, and the ability to transport the cat(s) to and from our Hamburg shelter when vet care is needed.
For more information please contact us at (716) 646-5577 or simply click on the link below to complete and submit the foster care program form. You will be contacted soon with more information. Thank you!
Ten Lives Club Foster Care Program Form
 (Click here to fill out the online application)