Updated 11/9/17
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Hello I just wanted to give you guys and update on Miso (known as Jamie at your shelter; June's son!)
He and my other cat Theodosia get a long great! They have really brought out the best in each other and Theodosia loves having a little brother to look after. She follows him everywhere, and having him around has calmed her down significantly. Who knew she was secretly a social cat? I caught them multiple times cuddling in this cold weather. While they are not a fan of pictures, they definitely are a fan of each other! He is doing great. Although his eye condition will be a life-long issue for him, it has improved. He might not be as athletic as his sister, but he makes up for it by being the biggest lover and bread-maker of all time. If you are wondering about the name change, it was because he was so cuddly and warm. We kept calling him a "hot bowl of soup", thus we call him Miso now for short!
Thank you for helping me choose the 'purfect' cat for our family,
 This is Scooter! We adopted him from Ten Lives  Club and he
has been a wonderful addition to our family! We are fosters
(mostly to special needs dogs) for Buffalo Pug and Small Breed Rescue
and we decided that we wanted to adopt a special needs cat
He has a neurological disorder that makes him unable to really
use his back legs, but that's what makes him so special!
He absolutely adores our 2-year-old daughter
and is always playing with our two rescue dogs!
 On Saturday, 9/16/17 we adopted Swin. I saw her and fell in love with her. I absolutely had to have her come home with us. On the way home, all she did was purrrrr her heart out. We set the carrier down in our living room and opened the door. She didn't hesitate at all. She sniffed around a little bit and I think she knew this was her home. She ate and then not even twenty minutes after she arrived, she laid in the middle of the living room floor and fell asleep. We couldn't be happier. We all love her so much and she is absolutely fantastic with my boys.
Thank you all!
                                           Scotty                                                                    Scotty's baby brother Rory
Hello friends at Ten Lives,
In February 2017, my husband and I were visiting a local Pet Supplies Plus and my husband saw a ginger cat named Scotty & fell instantly in love. We left that day with litter & food for Sneakers, Neville & Molly our existing furry family members. When we returned home, my husband couldn't stop talking about Scotty. For the next couple of days he came home from work and he would say "I thought I'd be coming home to a new friend." Little did he know that I had already called and made arrangements to bring Scotty home.
Then things took a bad turn. I received a phone call telling me that Scotty had an upper respiratory infection and was on medication. The Vet didn't want to release him yet. I waited and waited, the whole time keeping it a secret from my husband. Finally Scotty was able to come home! Attached you will find a picture of Scotty relaxing in his new home, as well as our newest member Rory who was a barn kitten. Rory's mom had disappeared and his siblings had passed away when a friend found him. He automatically came to me (being the crazy cat lady) and asked for help. I was very concerned, never had one that small before, didn't know if he/she was ill or had fleas. We brought Rory to our Vet and he received a clean bill of health & no fleas. Since then we have let Rory out of the bedroom for supervised visitation with the other cats. Turns out Scotty is the best big brother Rory could ask for! Scotty and Rory chase each other all over the house. They wrestle and roll around.  Scotty is much larger than Rory, but he is quite gentle when he plays. So, two happy endings.
Now our family consists of my husband, myself, daughter & granddaughter, Sneakers (14) Am. Short Hair, Neville (3) Russian Blue, Molly (1year 10 mo.) Tiger Stripe, Scotty (1year 10 mo.) and now Rory (almost 2 months)...oh yea...I almost forgot 2 Red Eared Slider Turtles; Tommi and Shelly.
The Carpenter Family
Princess Lette and Nikki
Both Princess Lette and Nikki (now named Indah) are so very much loved here! They've adjusted great! They love roaming the entire house now together. Princess Lette follows Indah everywhere she goes. We play, snuggle, and Princess loves to sit on your lap if you're watching tv. They are both just full of love and purrs! Princess Lette is fully out of her shell with everyone in our home. She loves to be pet and kissed! She even loves our cavachon to play with when Indah just wants to be lazy - haha. They both love to be near my 1-year-old grandson as he sits and plays. My daughters are learning that taking time and showing an abused animal that not all people hurt them can turn them around. Lette came home at first hiding. With treats, patience, time, and dedication she's become one of the sweetest loving cats, and we couldn't imagine not getting her. Thank you Marianne for choosing us to give her what will always be her forever, loving, and safe home. As well as for Indah! She balances Lette's personality out for sure! They make incredible sisters. Indah is a sweet, loving, and playful yet sometimes she'd rather just lay and be a snuggling kind of girl.
We adopted Olivia from Ten Lives Club @ PetSmart on Elmwood in 2009. They said she was having trouble finding a family because she wasn't acting very friendly, but when she saw me she started rubbing the cage and purring. That's how it all started. Nine years later, she is still sweet and very affectionate (when she wants to be) and still tiny. However, the dogs do not mess with her. She has the heart of a Lion!
- The Jacobs Family
 This is Bob that I adopted from the Walden galleria location of 10 lives in February 2016. This lovely boy has brought nothing but joy to my life. Best and most well behaved cat ever. Doesn't jump on counters, doesn't knock over things. All those typical things that cats do. I originally came into the location to look for an orange kitten. I just love orange cats, but this guy stole my heart at five years old. We are so blessed to have one another. We didn't know his story from the beginning, but he was very thin and now as you can see, he is just grown into himself. He is not overweight, he is just a very large cat. Some mistake him for a Maine coon.
 Thank you Dorine for helping me adopt Buster from TLC thru Pet Supplies Plus.
He is such a lovey. I saw him on the TLC website and knew I wanted him to be a
part of my family. I was sad when I got to TLC and didn't see him. I was so happy
when the office gave me your information and told me he was not adopted yet. When I arrived at
Pet Supplies Plus, I just had a great feeling and when he came up to me I was in heaven.
Thanks again.

In October 2016, I had the opportunity to meet one of your kitties at a store location. She was a tiny grey thing and adorable as could be. I kept thinking about her over that week and decided if she was there at the end of the week, when I went back, it was meant to be.The end of the week came and sure enough there she was. I made the call and met someone the next day. "Zoe" (we kept her name because she responded to it) joined my fur baby Grady; golden retriever and I in our little family. After about 2 weeks of them getting acquainted, they are now best buds. She doesn't let the 70 lb difference deter her from teasing him and trying to share his treats. She's quite the snuggler and likes to curl up with us. She's definitely a quirky girl but we wouldn't have her any other way.

Thank you for the opportunity to make this sweet, spunky girl a part of our family!
Best wishes to all the people at TLC and all the kitties as well!