Updated 4/26/17
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 This is Bob that I adopted from the Walden galleria location of 10 lives in February 2016. This lovely boy has brought nothing but joy to my life. Best and most well behaved cat ever. Doesn't jump on counters, doesn't knock over things. All those typical things that cats do. I originally came into the location to look for an orange kitten. I just love orange cats, but this guy stole my heart at five years old. We are so blessed to have one another. We didn't know his story from the beginning, but he was very thin and now as you can see, he is just grown into himself. He is not overweight, he is just a very large cat. Some mistake him for a Maine coon.
 Thank you Dorine for helping me adopt Buster from TLC thru Pet Supplies Plus.
He is such a lovey. I saw him on the TLC website and knew I wanted him to be a
part of my family. I was sad when I got to TLC and didn't see him. I was so happy
when the office gave me your information and told me he was not adopted yet. When I arrived at
Pet Supplies Plus, I just had a great feeling and when he came up to me I was in heaven.
Thanks again.

In October 2016, I had the opportunity to meet one of your kitties at a store location. She was a tiny grey thing and adorable as could be. I kept thinking about her over that week and decided if she was there at the end of the week, when I went back, it was meant to be.The end of the week came and sure enough there she was. I made the call and met someone the next day. "Zoe" (we kept her name because she responded to it) joined my fur baby Grady; golden retriever and I in our little family. After about 2 weeks of them getting acquainted, they are now best buds. She doesn't let the 70 lb difference deter her from teasing him and trying to share his treats. She's quite the snuggler and likes to curl up with us. She's definitely a quirky girl but we wouldn't have her any other way.

Thank you for the opportunity to make this sweet, spunky girl a part of our family!
Best wishes to all the people at TLC and all the kitties as well!
formerly known as Aerie

We thought it would be a good time for an update since we adopted Louie (formerly known as Aerie) in October 2016 from TLC's Cheektowaga Petsmart location. We had initially come in to look at another cat, but as Marianne pointed out Louie to us, he quickly won our hearts as he fell asleep in our arms. Seemingly timid at the shelter, he came out of his shell in no time and made himself at home. He is the perfect match to our much older and dominant orange tabby. Louie loves to play the annoying little brother role and keeps our older guy active as they play and frequently fight over who gets to play with “da bird” toy. He is a big talker, loves to cuddle, and enjoys drinking out of the sink faucets. We love Louie so much, so thank you for giving us the opportunity to make him part of our family.

Happy Holidays,

Jenn & Joe

formerly known as Truffle
I adopted Beyonce (otherwise known as Truffle) around the Easter 2016
at TLC's Walden Galleria adoption site. Since then, she has been doing amazing.
She really has come out of her shell. She has a new best friend named Drake
who is a little kitten. At first she was very scared of him, but now
they are inseparable. They're very sweet to each other and enjoy long days
cuddling on the couch or bed. They also love running around the house and wrestling.
Beyonce adores her dad, but her mom can get a few pet in every now and then.
She isn't as vocal unless she's nervous that her has dad left and didn't say goodbye (I'm not joking!).
She used to over groom herself because she was a little bored until we got Drake. Now
her excessive licking and anxiety has decreased. When she feels like it, she'll come to you to get
pets and loves drooling all over your hand. She is otherwise a very sassy cat
but is very happy living in her forever home. 

Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication.
formerly Patricia
As today marks one month since adopting Hazel (formerly known as Patricia at the shelter), I figured it's a good time for an update! She settled in very easily to her new home, and she has plenty of boxes and toys to play with when we are not home! She has taken a liking to our recliner which is now her sleeping spot of choice. She likes to wake up my boyfriend and I in the middle of the night by climbing all over us. She even has a favorite toy that she carries around and grooms! We love our little Hazel so much, so thank you for giving us the opportunity to give her a nice home before the holiday season!
Nicole and Carlos
I adopted Peachy on August 16, 2016. She was in the "shy cat" room at the shelter when I went to visit, and she came out of her hiding spot to greet me. The next day I went back to adopt her. Within 20 minutes of getting her to her new forever home, she was already letting me pet her, and by day 2 she was letting me pet her belly and brush her. She is so sweet! I'm so glad I am able to have this adorable girl be part of my life for many years to come!