Just this side of heaven is a beautiful place called rainbow bridge
When an animal who has been especially close to someone here on Earth dies
that animal goes to the
Rainbow Bridge.

There are meadows and hills for all our special animals so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food and water and sunshine and they are warm and comfortable. Those that had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor; those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in their days and times gone by. They feel no pain or suffering, only comfort.The animals are happy and content but for one small thing; they miss someone very special to them who had to be left behind. They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks anxiously into the distance. The bright eyes are intent; the eager body quivers.

Suddenly she begins to break away from the group, flying over green grass, her legs carrying her faster and faster. You have been spotted, and when you and your friend finally join, you cling together in your joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusted eyes of your animal friend, so long and painfully gone from your life, but never absent from your heart. Then you cross the bridge to heaven together......to live together in peace and joy and love forever.

Ten Lives Club accepts gifts honoring the memory of a pet that has crossed the rainbow bridge. Memorials will help us with our mission to help homeless felines.
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 Please email  tenlivesclub@yahoo.com to request a memorial be placed on this page in honor of a pet.
Ten Lives Club Honors:  
In memory
Mary Ann Nagy
 In memory of
Jeanne Craig
In memory of
sweet Cassie
In loving memory of Socks
In loving memory of little Alex
In memory of
Robert Cherry 
From the Erie County Family Court
Sunshine Club
In memory of
Joan Carol Coventry   
      In memory of Dexter
In memory of
Frank Colicchia 
In memory of
Fanny Traina
In loving memory of
In memory of Harry Tanke                  

              In memory of our                          
sweet Precious               
 In loving memory of          
   Elizabeth Kosinski
In loving memory of Christina Ambrose;
dedicated Ten Lives Club volunteer
 In loving memory of Samuel
   In loving memory of McDonald
In memory of
Frank Cavanaugh   
In loving memory
of Manchester
 In loving memory of Marianne Annibali;
dedicated TLC volunteer- September 2016
In memory of
Mary Werdein   
              In memory of
             Arlene Schwartz 
 In memory of Cream
The gentlest of souls  
In loving memory of Bailey precious cat of the Oliver family
In memory of
Penny Sweeney
In memory of Patrick who went on to Rainbow Bridge in December 2015. During the brief time in his furever home he was very much loved and will be greatly missed. 
 In memory of Albert who will be deeply
missed by his loving family.

Mommy and Daddy miss you every day and will love you forever our baby boy.
In memory of
Terence Trudeau
In Memory of Cicero                  
In loving memory of Ruth
Kanaley and her beloved TLC cat Chance                           
When I close my eyes, I dream of you.
In loving memory of our sweet girl
In Memory of Copycat
Gone too soon!
Love you Forever!!
  In memory of 
Ed Heckmann
In memory of
Joyce Bruder
  In loving memory of
Barnicle Bill      
Although the time with his adopted family was brief, he was dearly loved
 In memory of  Clayton Heerdt       
In memory of Sammy
 In memory of Big Jake
In memory of Edward J Brodka                                                                                                                                                                                       
In memory of my sweet sunshine "Bud" Bear - March 3, 2014
Mommy and Daddy love and miss you more than words can say. 
Kathy and Eric Vogel Rogala 
In memory of Mason
   In memory
of Donna Blair
In memory of
Karl Simmeth 
 In memory of Sweet William
In memory of 
  Donnie Malovich
In memory of
Robert Schweikhard
  In memory of  
Donna M. Blair                                   
In memory of
                         Edward McCarty                                                                                         
In fond memory of  Mae West and Patsy
In memory of Casey Jones
Your TLC family

In memory of Leo

In Memory of Carol Fleckenstein; devoted TLC volunteer and supporter
We are grateful that Carol offered her loving care to so many of our Ten Lives Club cats and we know the cats who passed before her were waiting for her at Rainbow Bridge. 
In memory of Minnie
Arlene Martinez and Kathy Vogel 

In memory of
Eunice C. Mast

In memory of Buddy Boy
your TLC family.
In memory of Steve Smith

In memory of Spooker
and Miss Kitty

In memory of Richard Hayler
 In memory of Buddy Huey

 Barbara Booth
Ten Lives Club supporter, and cat & dog lover.
Rest in peace.

Eli (Elijah Hunter Edwards) - three year old black, beautiful, & so possessive male who died of that awful disease; Feline Leukemia. Sadly missed by his Mom - Marie and the whole family. I will be looking for you on the Rainbow Bridge, Eli that I promise.
Luv u,
In memory of Mercedes

 In loving memory of Applesauce

 In memory of Leroy
In memory of Snickers

 In memory of Tilly Rose and Stormy Lynne Edwards


In memory of
Peggy Pierce Elfvin

In loving memory of Sarah

In memory of
Ginja Ninja



 In loving memory of Socks
In loving memory of Phinius In memory of Goldie

In memory of our sweet Adriana
From your TLC Family

In memory of Florence Klier
In memory of Mrs. Norma Brason

In loving memory of Sabbath
 In loving memory of Smokey "The King"
 In loving memory of Beck

In loving memory of Norma M. Brason
guardian angel of all God's creatures
In memory of my beloved little Mae West" from Ginny
In memory of Stanley


In memory of Clark In memory of CrackerJack
RIP Nana. You are now in the hands of our LORD. My pet, my best friend.  You will always be in my memory and in my soul.

In memory of Mama Mia; a TLC cat and dear pet of Sharon
In memory of Charles Spaid Our thoughts and prayers are with the Crance family of West Seneca, NY 

In loving memory of Randy
In memory of Carol Metz Furlong

In Memory of Mary Ransing

In memory of Cheryl Koziol
In memory of Beatrice Dinse     
In memory of Arlene Reopolo's son

In loving memory of Katie - 17 years old from Roger and Marlene        
In loving memory of Chippy, Redman and Cali who all past away this year from our lives - the Edward's Family
In memory of Mary Lou Kolodziej from your cat loving cousins.

In loving memory of Walter Antonou; long-time TLC volunteer - may you be our cat angel in heaven watching over our cats and group.
In memory of Ervin Kasniak - TLC is
honored you chose our group as one of your beneficiaries.
In memory of Diana Hossan

In memory of Tuffinie
In memory of Dinky
 In memory of Ervin Kasniak
Ten Lives Club supporter

In memory of Diana Hojsan and her beloved cats Sabrina and Abby
In memory of Ziggy
In memory of Nancy Julian


In memory of Oliver
In memory of
Frances Esmonde
In memory of
GiGi Beresniewicz 


In memory of
Alice Kolodziej
In memory of Dagmar
 beloved cat of the Randall family 
In memory of
Rita Gristmacher


In memory of Loppy

In memory of Marion Zimmerman

In loving memory of Candy 
December 31, 2010

In memory of Shirley, Henley, Charlotte, and Amithyst

In loving memory of Samantha
May 1992 to December 21, 2009
In Memory of Lois Tone
Devoted TLC volunteer

We met when you were nine and a half weeks old, with the loudest purr I have ever heard, and you saw me through
my 20's and 30's. You were so sick in 2005
but with love, we nursed you back to health. You were diagnosed with lymphoma in December 2007; with chemo, we got another two good years with you. But we couldn’t stop time and your body decided that it was time to go. You were the sweetest cat anyone could ever hope to have, so happy just to be loved. Thank you for sharing your life with us, for loving and trusting us. We will always love you and we
will miss you tremendously. Take good care of the large chunks of our hearts that
you took with you. Someday we will reclaim those pieces of our hearts
 and be with you again.

In memory of Donald P. Schribner

In memory of Bruce Tropp


In loving memory of my sweet Missy
In memory of Jasmaine December 2009
In memory of Anita Hoche



In memory of my cousin Elizabeth Edmunds who loved her cats.
In memory of Benny Brauer
In Memory of
Retired Air Force Tech Sgt Kevin Kennedy Ryan and his beloved cat Moonshadow.
They have gone on to  
Rainbow Bridge together to greet all of Kevin's animals
who are waiting for him there.  


In memory of Alice Hobbs; loyal supporter and TLC cat owner
In memory of Smokey Illenz
In memory of Dr. Frederick "Ted" Brason

In memory of Phyllis Krathouse;
loyal TLC volunteer

In memory of David's best friend and companion "Alec"
In memory of "Smudge"   


In memory of Tiffany Nealson of Hamburg In loving memory of Sueme the cat by Holly LeistnerIn memory of Dusty our pet by Paul and Donna Randall

In loving Memory of

 Samuel and Alberto
In memory of Barb Harenza
In memory of Dorothy Waible

The orphans of the storm; Hurricane Katrina that did not survive.
In memory of Marlowe. He wasn't with us for very long but he touched a lot of hearts.
Joan & Gary
 Megan - TLC foster kitten who fought a
courageous battle with feline leukemia before it took her young life.

In memory of BJ - a 16 year old cat from Cheektowaga, NY
In memory of Alex by his owner Mark
and Ivonne DeLuca
In memory of William Thompson

In memory of Helen Farrell
In memory of Edna Fleckenstein
In memory of Peg Woolley

In memory of Squiggy
from Joan Jabczynski 
In memory of Dorothy Weinert 
In honor of the cat "Dixie Pryzbyl"
from Chris and Heather Gulas-Karaszewski

Joseph Mazurkiewicz Betty J. Strath
In loving memory and with a big thanks for
her kind donation to our group.

Jack Segebarth
Audrey Segebarth

Cindy Lauchert