Marie Edwards, President and Founder
Marie started Ten Lives Club in 2001 on her home property with her husband building a small cat shelter inside their garage. After 3 year they moved to a bigger location and now work out of an office/warehouse shelter facility which is over 3000 square feet. Marie has her masters degree from UB and left the corporate professional world to run Ten Lives Club full time on a limited staff and budget.
Brenda Rasinski, Director of Operations
Brenda has worked as the Community Pet Care Hospital office manager for over 20 years. This vet hospital has been our major vet supporter since Ten Lives Club opened. Brenda recently left Community Pet Care to take on the role of Director of Operations knowing our philosophy and our rescue mission mindset. Brenda brings a wealth of vet/office management experience to our organization.

Sharon Fisk, DVM, Shelter Vet

Dr. Sharon Fisk, DVM, graduated from the University of Minnesota. Dr. Fisk has worked as our shelter vet for 5+ years and is very compassionate and knowledgeable on shelter management and rescue work.