Ten Lives Club will happily assist your need to find placement for a cat in your care providing space is available in our program and the following credentials can be met:
  • Ten Lives Club will accept cats from infancy up to 8 years of age into our program. Ten Lives Club does NOT take in wild, feral, or unapproachable cats. We are an adoption group not a sanctuary. We can only take in cats that will be able to be re-homed once they are surrendered to our shelter. Please also consider that if you are dealing with a behavioral and/or medical condition (aggression, house soiling, metabolic disease etc.) these conditions are not going to resolve themselves in a shelter or a new home and may very well worsen with the stress of surrendering. Please do not attempt to pass a problematic pet on to a new owner or our shelter. These types of issues should be discussed with your  Veterinarian who can offer suggestions for treatment, care, or humane euthanasia if necessary.  
  • Our shelter is a private, donation sustained program. We are completely dependent on the public to support our rescue efforts. All cats being considered for placement in our program will be required to be surrendered with a tax deductible donation. A receipt of donation can be provided. The surrender donation is between $85- $150 depending on the circumstances of the cat. 
  • If you are surrendering a pregnant female please understand you are not surrendering a single cat for care. However many kittens are born to this mother cat is the amount of financial commitment our shelter will be responsible for once each kitten is born. A single mother cat can cost our shelter over $1,000 so a larger donation at the time of surrender will be required.  
  • Litters of kittens will be considered for surrender providing a minimum donation of $150 or more is made to help provide medical care for each kitten. We will only accept litters of kittens providing the mother cat is trapped if necessary and is spayed. We CANNOT commit to the continuous intake of kittens from the same female cat with no attempt to spay her. If the female cat is not friendly, is a community cat or a feral cat it is recommended to contact Feral Cat Focus @ 1-888-902-9717 for advice on trapping, spaying, vaccinating and returning the cat to the environment in which it came from.
  • If you are requesting a surrender of an FIV positive cat the cats overall health will need to be assessed PRIOR to approval. Only healthy cats showing no signs of end stage FIV will be considered for our program.  FIV positive cats with stomatitis cannot be considered for surrender at this time. All medical conditions including an assessment for stomatitis will be assessed prior to surrender. An appointment must be made with our shelter veterinarian prior to surrender. A minimum $100 donation will be required at the time of surrender for all FIV positive cats.
  • If any cat is showing evident signs of illness or disease (upper respiratory, ringworm, etc.) the cat can still be considered for our program however, an additional donation may be requested. All friendly stray cats will be given our top priority. Personally owned pets will be considered if space allows after assisting at risk/ stray cats.
   In order for Ten Lives Club to remain operational and to provide the best care possible for all cats entering our program these guidelines must be strictly adhered to. Please understand that every surrender fee taken provides care for that individual cat being surrendered. Without this financial assistance Ten Lives Club could not exist and the many cats that come through our doors each year would not find the assistance they desperately need.
   Please contact the shelter if you are in need to surrender a cat. Our staff will be very happy to assist you in whatever way we can or provide you with referrals to other agencies for assistance.